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Customer Rights & Responsibilities: List


  • To be treated with dignity, courtesy and respect.

  • Select those who provide your home care services.

  • Be provided with adequate information so you can make informed decisions regarding your care. 

  • Receive service and equipment regardless of race, religion, political belief, sex, social status, age or any other classification protected by law. 

  • Participate in all aspects of your care including the right to refuse service within the confines of law. 

  • Express dissatisfaction and suggest changes in any service without fear of coercion. 

  • To have your privacy and property respected at all times.

  • To be informed of all your responsibilities regarding home medical equipment, including charges and your responsibility for payment, proper use of equipment and associated service. 

  • To have your medical information treated confidentially. 

  • To be free of mental and physical abuse. 

Customer Rights & Responsibilities: Text


  • Customer agrees that rental Equipment will be used with reasonable care, not altered or modified and returned in good condition when the need for such equipment no longer exists.

  • Customer agrees to promptly report any malfunctions or defects in the equipment to Southern Medical.

  • Customer agrees to use the equipment for the purpose indicated and in compliance with the physicians prescription. 

  • Customer agrees to keep the equipment in his/her possession.

  • Customer agrees to permit Southern Medical representatives access to all company owned equipment for the purpose of performing service, repair, replacement or retrieval.  

  • Customer agrees to notify Southern Medical if they are admitted to a hospital or nursing home or if they have a change of address.

  • Customer agrees to accept all financial responsibility for HME furnished by Southern Medical.

  • Customer agrees to be involved in the provision of care, as able. 

  • Customer agrees to notify Southern Medical if they will not be home at the time of delivery.

Customer Rights & Responsibilities: Text
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